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BenefitStar was launched as the culmination of 20 years success as Trainers and Managers in telemarketing and
professional sales.
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Their unique pedigree and award winning experience are able to deliver training for your people that makes immediate bottom-line impact, a thorough understanding of how to motivate and manage your team successfully moving forward, and provides clear structures to enable ongoing improvement long after the training event.

Far from the industry norm of delivering training and walking away, BenefitStar's elective ongoing remote tools mean after the training event has taken place you can lean on our experience for monthly, weekly, daily, or even hourly support. Hence ensuring your team peaks and retains performance at optimum levels evermore.

* Training to improve the skills and performance of your people
  • Increase your bottom line success with more sales or better margins
  • Reduce staff overhead
  • Make efficiency gains
  • Develop competency measurement tools
  • Raise staff morale long term
  • Improve the quality of calls made
  • Drive up the performance of your face to face sales force
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Quote from Kevan Peaker MBA - Commercial Director, Ubbink
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